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By Jan Willis

Best SEO Practices For E-Commerce


Ecommerce SEO is not that much different to SEO for anything else, however there are some distinctive aspects that you should bear in mind when optimising your site.

When it comes to e-commerce sites, the process gets slightly more complicated than usual. In fact, e-commerce sites operate in a unique set of circumstances, so the best SEO practices are key to get just right.

You want to keep the fundamentals of SEO running for your e-commerce site, including great content, quality inbound links and a good social media campaign. But these next five strategies should also be applied for the best results.

Unique Content

Google prizes original, unique content and can dish out heavy penalties for any duplicate content it finds across the web. With so many newcomers in the e-commerce game, many are happy to copy product descriptions from bigger retailers like Amazon for example, and put them directly on to their pages. But this is a terrible idea with potentially dire consequences for your SEO efforts. Take the time to create unique descriptions for your products and pages and Google will love you for it.

Reviews and Social Proof

Most people are hesitant to purchase a product if they can’t see that someone else has been before them and tested the waters. They see it as a risk. This is why testimonials and social proof play such a big role in successful e-commerce pages. If you have great products, which I’m sure you do, they shouldn’t be too hard to get hold of. So ask your customers for them, perhaps offering some incentive and make them part of your marketing and SEO plan.

Use Redirects On Dead Product Pages

Often, when a product is no longer being sold, the page remains live and usually ends in a 404 error page. This isn’t a great on-site SEO signal for Google and they can come back to haunt you. Luckily, these are easily avoidable. All you need is to use a simple 301 redirect to send the traffic to that product or page to any new or current offers you have running.

Use Unique Imagery

Along with your original content, you should use unique images too. The duplication rule applies just the same for pictures, so using the same ones found on Amazon, or any other site won’t help you. Take new images of your own or alter existing ones by adding a message of your own for example.

Use Diverse Content

Make an effort to use as many different types of content as possible. Think about using some eye-catching infographics, customer video testimonials and product demos. These can all lead to a richer customer experience in Google’s eyes, and those of your potential customers!

Using these small tweaks in addition to traditional on-page SEO can result in your pages leadfrogging over your competition. If you want more tips and detailed instructions on how to optimise your e-commerce site for the best possible Google rankings, our complete SEO guide is perfect for you.

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Jan Willis
Jan is a seasoned local government executive and HubSpot certified inbound marketer with a wealth of consultancy experience. She's passionate about all things digital and West Ham United.

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