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By Lottie Bays

The 5 Essential Elements Of A Compelling Call To Action

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To get new business, you need a collection of elements consisting of an offer or giveaway, follow up emails, landing pages and thank you pages. But the aspect that sets the conversion sequence in motion and ties it all together is a great Call To Action.

To make sure every step of the journey works as well as possible, try A/B testing the copy, colour schemes or even the prices of the preliminary offer. But all of this is futile unless the first stage – the CTA is just right. So how do you create the best?

Be Direct

The most important aspect is creating a very clear next step. Make sure the Call To Action directly tells your reader exactly what they need to do next. Leaving it up to them, or giving them options can lead to confusion and rarely results in them reaching the results that you are seeking.

Be plain, direct, and tell them in precise and succinct words what they need to do and how it can benefit them, whether it is to download a free ebook or enter their email for something free.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

People who are even mildly interested in something will become more so when there is a sense that they may lose out on it. So while not wanting to create a false sense or urgency, it’s perfectly fine to state that there are limited quantities, or that the promotional price is only available for a short time and so on. The goal is getting them to act sooner rather than later.


Where you place your CTA on a page can make all the difference to conversion. Place them above the fold in the webpage so they don’t miss it, or have to look around for it, as they will lose interest or become distracted before they do. Keep your desired next action in the forefront at all times.


Use colours in your Call To Action that contrast the rest of the webpage. This will make it stand out and catch their eye, hopefully leading to more readers converting.


A way to encourage more conversions from your CTA’s is to use emotive language in your headlines and copy. Rather than talking about the features that your giveaway offers, try to focus on and emphasise the benefits it can bring to those who download it. People don’t necessarily care about your product or service, but they do care about what they need, so speak to them in their own language and you may find them to be far more receptive.

If your goal is to increase conversions, you need to make sure you test out the various elements to find what works best for each individual offer and your particular audience. This is especially true of your Calls To Action so get them optimised as soon as possible!


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