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By Charlotte Bays

How To Avoid These Costly SEO Blunders

SEO blundersIt can be a hard enough task to get your pages ranking well in Google, so the last thing you want to do is hold yourself back by inadvertently committing some major SEO blunders! Unintentional errors are easy to miss, but can be fatal for your page ranking, either stopping you from reaching the top or undoing all your hard work. Whether it is misguided or accidental, sadly the results are always the same: penalties and lost revenue, so they should be avoided at all costs.

To help you avoid these expensive mistakes, let’s take a look at 5 SEO blunders that could be holding you back.

  1. Poor On-Page SEO

No one fully understands the exact science behind how Google ranks web pages, but we do know that it has over 200 factors it uses to categorise and rank your website. A lot of these factors are found within your on-page SEO. Make sure each page has a proper title tag and meta description and that all images are properly tagged. Also ensure that all of your page loading times are kept low to avoid further SEO blunders.

  1. Keyword Overload

The days of keyword manipulation are over and using the same keywords dozens of times is not only rather foolish but can actually be detrimental to your pages due to spamming. Keywords are still absolutely essential to rank well but make sure they are subtle and not included more than 5 times within a body of text.

  1. Duplicate Content

It can be very easy to unintentionally create duplicate content and very tempting to do if you have multiple pages with similar themes. However, duplicate content must be avoided at all costs. If Google picks up on duplicate content pages it will automatically discount them and leave you in a whole world of trouble. Take some time to make each page unique to ensure you have a shot at the top spot for searches.

  1. Bad Link Profile

The Google algorithm for ferreting out bad links is getting better and better every day. A website with bad, bought links set off alarm bells and when found, Google is happy to impose penalties on the sites using them. A word to the wiser, avoid them at all costs!

  1. Index Issues

If Google is unable to find or read your pages you will encounter SEO problems, and big ones! Broken links and faulty redirects can leave your pages lost on the web and in particularly bad cases, block search engines entirely. Ensure to check over all links and behind the scenes operations regularly so you don’t fall victim to these SEO blunders.

Get SEO Savvy

The technicalities behind good and bad SEO can get rather complicated and it is far too easy to fall victim to one of these blunders without even realising. If you would like to know more about SEO best practices or want some assistance in assessing how Google friendly your site is, why not get a free Pro Consultation? WOW Consulting will provide you with a full marketing blueprint and highlight any glaring issues your site may secretly be harbouring. Simply click on the button below or call us today on 0208 257 3592 or email

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