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By Lottie Bays

How To Do Content Marketing For E-Commerce

content for e-commerce


 Whatever you sell on your e-commerce site, you should market your business with lots of great content. Engaging, unique and informative content for e-commerce helps to create and build trust among your audience, establish your brand and keep your customers informed about all your latest products and offers.

The answer is to have a content marketing strategy for your e-commerce site. This is the best way you can build trust, engage with prospective customers and help build your brand to outpace your competition.Moreover, how will you hope to rank in Google if your site is not demonstrably different? How will you hope to rank in Google without engaging content rich with your keywords? You won’t; plain and simple.

So what content do you need for e-commerce?

Use Videos

‘How-to’ videos are one of the best ways to hook your visitors on to your content. This is one of the most effective ways of providing effective content marketing for your e-commerce site. For instance, if you are selling a niche product, you can include videos on how to use or operate the product. If your product has more than one function, you could outline them all in a video. This helps attract more visitors, and convert them into buyers.

Create Unique Descriptions

On e-commerce websites, many people simply copy and paste product descriptions. However, if you create unique textual content for each page and product, you will jump ahead of these competitors. It will also give you a far better chance to work your way up search results, as well as the obvious benefit of being able to convey exactly what you think is best for each product and their prospective consumers.

Show Them!

An e-commerce site needs to give visitors a clear picture of just how their products look and operate. Using original, descriptive images is important to attract the greatest number of visitors to your site. Get your camera and try to get some impressive images of your products. Include these images with your content for optimal effectiveness.

Employ Social Proof

Nobody likes to be the first one to buy a new product, taste different food, or try that new café. People like to know they are not alone, and that others have been before and approved of the place or product in question. These days, people are using social networks more and more to help them make their buying decisions. Do you part by including as much social proof as you can on your pages – be it ratings, reviews or testimonials. This helps potential customers build trust in your company and brand and can be the reason that persuades them to buy!

Making your e-commerce site stand above the rest is far easier when you provide engaging and unique content for your visitors. Do this well and you can expect great results and lots more purchases!

If you are starting an e-commerce website, these other resources may come in useful:

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