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By Lottie Bays

How Integrating Email Marketing And Social Media Can Turn Your Campaign Into A Winner

integrating email marketing and social media

Email and social media are two of the biggest weapons marketers possess, but so many of us are as yet unaware how to make them work well together. Integrating email marketing and social media and syncing them up can deliver results that you may not have thought possible, as they are complimentary tools at your disposal.

Use Social Sharing Icons In Your Emails

So how exactly can we combine the massive potential reach of social media with the capability and marketing potential of email? These 3 tips are all you need.

This is the easiest way of integrating email marketing and social media yet still a very productive method. Facebook and Twitter users are currently your best bet for getting your content shared through email. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (no surprises here) are the best when it comes to users clicking on shared emails, with between a 6.2% and 7.9% click rate.

A note of caution however, just having the icons is not enough. You have to encourage your readers to share your content with anyone else who may find it useful, so make it as obvious and easy as possible for them.

Collect Opt-Ins From Facebook And Twitter

A relatively new addition to both Facebook and Twitter is the capability to generate email signups directly from the platforms. You will need something enticing to give away in return for their information, so think about putting together an ebook, whitepaper, webinar or video your prospects would find interesting or useful. This function is free on both platforms, and you can reach an entire new audience apart from your email list.

Use Retargeting Campaigns On Your Social Networks

While retargeting is the trendiest way to increase revenue, you can actually optimise this type of marketing by building retargeting lists of those already in your email lists, but more specifically those who have clicked on links within your emails. This ensures that you reach an audience of people who have already shown an interest in your offers. Facebook and Twitter, again, are the best places to try this tactic at the moment.

If you can successfully employ these three tactics, integrating email marketing and social media will finally allow you to harvest best of both worlds and use them to their full marketing potential!

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Lottie Bays

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