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By Charlotte Bays

Social Media Stats That Will Make You Want To Get Social [Infographic]

A good social media strategy should go hand in hand with your content creation. Social media enables you to spread the word about all the latest great content you’ve made and drive people straight to it. This should in turn lead all these readers and prospects to your website, where hopefully, many will become customers.

Social media produces nearly double the leads you can acquire from methods such as trade shows and Pay Per Click advertising, so you should get stuck in!

If you’re still not convinced of the great benefits it could have for your business, have a look at the collection of social media stats we’ve put together, with a few handy tips thrown in as well.

social media statistics

Hopefully you should now be convinced that a good social media strategy is a great tool to build up your reputation and brand identity, get your content shared far and wide online and most importantly generate lots of traffic to your website!

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