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By Charlotte Bays

What to Do When Your Business is a Victim of Negative SEO Strategy

negative_SEOThankfully it is only a minority of us who have been a victim of a negative SEO attack, but for those who have it is not a pretty business. Without a proper SEO strategy, this type of activity can lead to lots of lost revenue and a damaged reputation; not to mention all the time and effort you’ve spent in getting your website ranking well on Google.

So, just what does a negative SEO attack look like? Tactics such as bulk amounts of links to your pages using spam keywords will be seen by Google as link manipulation and can result in you being penalised. To help you to be prepared for the battle against negative SEO, here are 5 ways you can become savvy to what is going on with your site.

  1. Use Alerts

One of the best feature of Google Webmaster tools is that you can set it up to send you email alerts when your website is under any kind of attack, These include if you have a malware problem or if a page is not indexed which is a big problem for any successful SEO strategy.

  1. Keep an Eye on Backlinks

If all of a sudden you notice a large spike in backlinks that you have not actively been seeking, you would be right to suspect that something is afoot. Consider making use of a site like Monitor Backlinks that could be a huge help in this area.

  1. Listen for Social Media Mentions

Interacting with your friends and followers on social media platforms is key to a healthy and successful SEO strategy. If you use an automation platform set up alerts to monitor any time someone talks about you or your brand or just keep an eye on accounts manually. Social media can catch fire quickly, so this is extremely important.

  1. Check for Duplicate Content

Whether a deliberate attack or accidental, having the same batch of content all over the Web is a sure fire way to incur a Google site penalty. There are free tools such as Copyscape where you can easily check your page content for plagiarism, so this harmful SEO demon can be easily avoided or rectified.


  1. Make Your Site Secure

The last thing you want whilst running your great SEO strategy is to have a hacker come along and wreak havoc on your website. Ensure you are using strong passwords and have a well-protected website to prevent anything going awry and detracting from your business.

Handling SEO

A good, working SEO strategy can be quite a tricky business to manage and maintain. Why not learn more about the best practices by reading WOW Consulting’s comprehensive guide SEO: The Foundation of Your Online Marketing? In our completely free guide we talk you through the best tactics to use, and how to prevent penalties for a functional and easy to master SEO strategy that will guarantee you great ranking results. To download for free today, simply click the button below.

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Charlotte Bays

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