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By Jan Willis

Why You Need To Go All-In With Inbound Marketing To Win Big

One of the very first things we focus on when on-boarding clients that are new to inbound is identifying the steps needed to align their company culture, values and behaviours with the inbound way of doing things and get the entire organisation on board with and excited about the new strategy. Why do we pay so much attention to this? Because all the evidence shows that companies that go all-in with inbound marketing and make the whole inbound philosophy intrinsic to the way they run their business win big. Those that don’t invariably end up disappointed.

Unfortunately, many businesses approach inbound with a “let’s give it a go for a few months and see if it works” mentality but as Sam Swietch at HubSpot Platinum partner Murvine explains, this is a sure fire recipe for disappointment:

“Doing a “little bit” of inbound is like playing it safe at the poker table––you might do okay, but you’ll never win big.”

Inbound is more than the way you market

Making the transition to inbound marketing is far more than changing the way you market. It’s about consciously adopting a customer-centric business growth strategy rooted in a deep commitment to providing a remarkable experience at each and every stage of the buyer’s journey and beyond. Answering your prospects’ and customers’ questions, solving their problems and helping them achieve their goals; building goodwill, trust and loyalty with every positive interaction; doing whatever it takes to make them more successful and building life-long relationships.

Executing an inbound strategy well requires a deep understanding of your customers, an awareness of your competitors and your unique positioning in the market and a willingness to engage with customers on their terms. Plus a liberal dose of what Celine Domenech, digital marketing strategist at Little Blue Cats, calls “digital intelligence” – the effective application of digital technologies and methodologies within a business, to generate growth, productivity, employee engagement, and cost-efficiency.

“Smart CEOs and decision makers -- the ones that are paying attention -- understand that inbound marketing is not just a marketing strategy…It’s building a brand that is a force in the marketplace and, maybe more importantly, a culture that matches that brand.” Tiffany Saunder, Element Three

Why you must go all-in

Delivering on the promise of helping your prospects and customers be successful isn’t the responsibility of one person or even one team and it can’t be done in a silo. It’s a team effort and if everyone in your organisation isn’t taking on board the new inbound values and culture you’re going to fail.

To see results you have to fully embrace the inbound philosophy, weave it into everything you do and literally go all-in. That means:

  • Everyone buying in to doing things the inbound way and taking ownership of delivering for the customer.
  • Taking a step back to re-evaluate all facets of your company culture and operations and then consciously aligning them to your new strategy.
  • Committing to consistently producing remarkable work and a lot of it.
  • Being in it for the long haul – after all, results don’t come overnight.

The pay-off

Like any big business change, making the transition to inbound demands whole-hearted commitment as well as time, patience and persistence.  But the rewards for those that are prepared to bet on inbound are amazing:

  • Companies that publish 16+ posts per month get almost 3.5x more traffic than those publishing 0-4 each month.
  • Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month get 4.5x more leads than companies that publish between 0 to 4 monthly posts.
  • B2B companies that blog 11+ times per month get 1.75x as many leads as those blogging 6 to 10 times per month, and 3.75x as many leads as those blogging 0 to 3 times per month.

Source: HubSpot

The bottom line

Companies that are successful with inbound get it that it's more than just a marketing strategy. It's a growth strategy that touches on all aspects of the way you serve your customers. Successful execution requires a whole-hearted commitment and a willingness to keep betting on inbound even when the chips are down.


Jan Willis
Jan is a seasoned local government executive and HubSpot certified inbound marketer with a wealth of consultancy experience. She's passionate about all things digital and West Ham United.

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